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Charity's ChildCharity’s Child

Circaidy Gregory Press, 2008
ISBN 978-1906451073

Dark Deed or Virgin Birth?

Who is the father of Charity’s child? 16-year-old Charity Baker has her own ideas, but even her loyal friend Joanne finds them hard to believe. Religious enthusiast Charity joins the Crabapple Christian Fellowship in 1980s north Yorkshire and a number of the ‘Crabbies’ are attracted to this strange and beautiful girl. When Charity reveals that she is pregnant, all eyes are on Alan, the assistant pastor of the group.

As events unfold, darkness is revealed in unexpected places and we learn with Joanne that many things in Charity’s life are not as they seem.

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cover - Low Tide, Lunan BayLow Tide, Lunan Bay

Robert Hale, 2009
ISBN 978-0709087533
Ulverscroft Large Print Books, 2010
ISBN 978-1444801033

Abbie has come through a difficult divorce from Keith, who recently became a best-selling author of books for children and now lives with Fiona, his illustrator. Abbie is trying to build a new life in Dundee with her 11-year-old twin girls. Her friend Kate persuades her to try internet dating and, after a couple of false starts, she meets Bill. Their first date, which includes a walk across beautiful Lunan Bay, goes well and Abbie is optimistic.

But when the twins start to have nightmares and behave badly at school, Abbie can't help wondering if her new relationship with Bill is somehow responsible.

When the truth emerges, it is far from anything Abbie expected and strains the family to breaking point.